about me

Since childhood, I have been observing the aesthetic side of the people, especially in art, be it in paintings, sculpture, or other artefact. In visiting friends or relatives, I would notice their artifacts and their collections of what was esthetic to them and wondered how these articles own some space in your heart in the run of time. Gradually I became more aware, with greater confidence, of my own sense of what was aesthetic to me and I eventually experienced an unfolding of my feminine traits particularly in the world of fashion in terms of color, contrast, and hues. A palette of various materials, prints, and colors has influenced my personal sense of dressing and I have had the good fortune of observing across geographical boundaries experiments by other people. It is always a pleasure to see well dressed people with a good sense of aesthetics especially when they retain a studied simplicity, which according to me is almost a luxury. Selection of the right colors and style enhances one's personality at any size and shape; good taste does reflect and good taste coupled with art is a winner.

With architecture as my academic background, IT as a profession being currently pursued, and on the path of gaining the knowledge and necessary skills in management, I start my venture, combining my hobby and love for Indian textiles. I bring focus to the art form of Batik, towards which I was inspired by my mother and initiated into by a dear friend with whom I held my first exhibition in the year 2005. I would like to pursue this hobby/art form and share my creativity through it with the world and give expression to my never-ending love with Indian textiles and prints, which I collect and wear with passion myself. On my personal journey of experimentation with Batik and Indian fabrics and prints I have often received a lot of compliments and that eventually had me thinking, "why not share this with the world?"

Hence, the idea was born; to take you on a journey into Indian textiles, colors, and fabric art-forms, especially those from the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, which have a very rich history in the same, and I present you with my choices in different hues of warm colors, prints, and textures, along with my particular creativity at Batik. As someone said, "creativity cannot be repeated" and therefore each piece is one of a kind.