my inspiration

The credit if any for any of my successes goes to my mother who is my inspiration through anything in life. She is this wonderful person and a devoted mother, multitalented, and able to perform amazingly at whichever task she undertakes. She has given and still gives me the strength to believe in my thoughts and principles and to realize my dreams. I would say she has the "Midas Touch" for me and hopefully for many others towards making everything look more beautiful.

I grew up watching her dress up and expressing her sensibilities at fabrics and the fine arts, watching her combinations and compositions which she adapted into forms of Batik, especially in her days of youth. Her passion for this art inspired me to learn Batik and today, I take this step to relive her Batik creations and put forth to the world these creations, sharing her creativity in a mother-daughter team venture and I hope people's hearts identify with these creations.